Sunday, January 1, 2012

Looking for 99 Subscribers... ;-)

"A new way of life is looming on the horizon for the majority, who are either just waking up to this fact, or struggling hard through the confusion and upheaval, without having any understanding, hanging on to a life style, ideals and beliefs that they refuse to give up for fear of the unknown."
Margo Kirtikar, Flowing With Universal Laws

Happy New Year. Are you struggling with the unknown or hungering for "a new way of life"? Let the Wisdom Wheel help you explore your new way with some rigor and some structure.
We're looking for 99 people to join this blog before we start the official 'tour' of the 36 Universal Laws, and the 365 day experiment in applying them in our daily lives. 
Become our next subscriber and we'll send you a complimentary set of Wisdom Wheel cards. Sign up soon before this offer runs out.

I stood to take this picture at the original Wisdom Wheel, set up over a decade ago, here in the front yard of Touch Stone Center, our modest island retreat sanctuary. You can see this Wheel in person during one of our scheduled Rhode Island programs or purchase one for your own garden or  retreat center. (contact

Can you see my Shadow against the ground? The stones seem lonely, although the echoing voices of the many happy groups, who have congregated round this circle of stones over the years, could almost be heard. 
This year, via this blog, I hope to make it possible for many other people to visit the Wisdom Wheel, at least virtually. It's not easy to get here physically; with all the driving and the need to catch a ferry, but you can come here anytime online... 
We will be posting events, and hosting them online and on the island in the months and weeks ahead, but in the meantime you can come here to rest and refresh yourself whenever you want. 

Please share your questions & comments, especially those concerning the Wisdom Wheel and/or your 'way of life' as we gear up on this subscriber drive. The sooner we have a group of 99 people, the sooner we can begin.


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