Saturday, January 14, 2012

Draft Schedule for a Year on the Wisdom Wheel

Met with Wisdom Wheel loyalists last week in Glastonbury, CT. 
Our original group began meeting in autumn of 1999...many of these graduates have already taught 3 year courses to others.
We joke about the staying power of our original circle, which has lasted longer than some marriages. 
Various options for the coming 'Year on the Wisdom Wheel' were discussed. Our latest 3 year cycle, studying one Universal Law per month, ends in March. 
This spring we want to try something different & welcome newcomers to join us.
Here is a (draft) schedule, designed to cover three Laws per month, one Law every 10 days
Others can join in person on the first Thursday of every month or online anytime. Teleconference options also being explored for those at a distance.

  1. April 5th meeting, Balance begins on 8th, Awareness 18th, Self 27th
  2. May 3rd meeting, Right Relationship on 6th, Cause & Effect on 16th, Process on 26th
  3. June 7th meeting, Faith on 5th, Love on 15th, Right Action on 25th
  4. July 5th meeting Trust begins, Higher Purpose 15th, Integrity on 25th
  5. August 2nd meeting, Beauty begins on 4th, Eternal Present on 14th, Initiation on 24th 
  6. September 7th meeting, Shadow began on 3rd, Journey on 13th, Forgiveness on 23rd
  7. October 4th meeting & Clarity begins, Choices 14th, Renewal on 24th 
  8. November 1st meeting, Purification on 3rd, Surrender on 13th, Enlightenment on 23rd
  9. December 7th meeting, Creativity on 3rd, Courage on 13th, Commitment on 23rd 
  10. January (dates to be posted before 2013) Giving & Receiving, Immortality & Ultimate Reality
  11. February Pure Potential, Power & Compassion
  12. March Cycles, Sacred Oneness, Great Mystery
  13. April another new cycle will begin

Updating our (2004-2012) website,

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