Friday, January 27, 2012

The Universal Intelligence of Universal Laws

Wisdom Wheel stones beneath the snow
We are at the very point in time when a 400-year old age is dying and another is struggling to be born - a shifting of culture, science, society, and institutions enormously greater than the world has ever experienced.

Ahead, the possibility of the regeneration of individuality, liberty, community and ethics such as the world has never know, and a harmony with nature, with one another, and with the divine intelligence such as the world has never dreamed.   
                                                                    Dee Ward Hock, Visa founder
Is the world coming to an end? 
Or are we on the cusp of a golden age?
In times of great change, we have to choose whether to cling to what needs to die or turn to assist the birthing Process. Have you made your mind up about this yet?                                                          
And what helps us choose the New Beginning? A sense of urgency about the coming changes, despite the Unknown, coupled with a sense of certainty about what is guiding the Process

Today the snow-covered Wisdom Wheel reminds me of how much is obscured from us. No one sees The Big Picture clearly, especially during these Times of Great Change. Some are so poisoned with fear, they 'project' no future at all, while others are blindly naive, unable think critically or align themselves with the universal intelligence directing our Universe. 

Change has been needed for a long time, to right everything from the imbalances in our economics to our global interdependence with Nature, and the environment. 
Look to those guiding Patterns, the unmistakable evidence of universal intelligence whose principles are always at work. 
Decide to align yourself with them this year and you won't have to rely upon fallible human beings and their frightened thinking. 
You might even glimpse Higher Purpose in the present chaos.

The recent snowfall might prevent me momentarily from 'seeing' what I 'know' is there, but even when that wisdom is buried by snow or my doubts, it can be counted upon. For nothing deserves our Faith like the Universe that supports our very lives each and every day.
Take the time to plumb the depth of meaning submerged beneath the surface of your busy life, for universal intelligence is a bit like the iceberg the Titanic struck in ocean waters. We can not afford to ignore it in favor of human vanity or ignorance. 
The best way to navigate during trying times is to do what sailors have done for centuries; turn to the infallible Universe and pay attention to it. That's how you can discern your direction from its Directions. 
Join our blog and study group, to explore these themes and the 36 Universal Laws engraved on the stones, now white with Winter's chill. 
Comments & questions concerning Universal Intelligence are most welcome!

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