Thursday, March 8, 2012

Saluting the Wisdom (& Humor) of my Fellow Circle Keepers

Law of Great Mystery #36

This week in Colchester, at Catherine's lovely home, we wrapped up another Three Year Cycle on our shared Journey, completing Great Mystery, the 36th Law on the Wisdom Wheel, which always marks the end of our consecutive study Cycle. 

Rod & Loretta, Catherine, Marlene, Martey, Malinda, Anna, Penny, Jim, Malcolm and I (plus those who join in spirit) gathered to sit in a circle, around this familiar arrangement of stones. Since 1999 we've been gathering at each others homes; smudging, singing & praying before sharing our 'found wisdom' from studying & applying these Universal, Natural, Spiritual Laws. 

You can just imagine how much laughter there was, as we've been focused this month upon the Law of Great Mystery. What a 'Divine Comedy' life is, as we see it playing out in our lives. Catherine deserves to be nominated as our resident comedienne, for she regaled us with tales of woe and dramatic hand gestures (which some of us tried to imitate). Absolutely priceless moments.     

As we celebrated the completion of this particular shared Cycle, I could feel in my bones the deep, embodied wisdom of this precious community of fellow souls. As Loretta put it, 'The Wisdom Wheel has become part of us...' Likewise it has helped us become part of each others karma. My gratitude to these Wise Ones knows no bounds. 

Next month we start a new Cycle, and shake things up a bit. Our 'Year On the Wheel' experiment starts with our meeting on April 5th. We will cover all 36 Laws in 365 days, rather than three years. In addition to continued attendance at monthly meetings, I urge us to keep a written, online record, of what we learn while studying one Law every 10 days. Post observations and comments in this blog, or on the Wisdom Wheel's Facebook page, so others can participate. The world could certainly use more wisdom.    

Friends & family can join us by subscribing to this blog or coming to monthly meetings.  

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