Friday, March 30, 2012

Introduction to the Wisdom Wheel Quadrants

The Wisdom Wheel Quadrants
Before we set off next month on this 365 day adventure, to study one Universal Law each 10 days, here's a quick intro to the quadrant system we'll be using.

To plumb the depths of these 36 Laws, we'll look into these areas: 

1. The intellectual aspects and how these Laws affect us mentally
2. The emotional aspects and what impact they have on our feelings
3. The physical and intuitive aspects and how they affect our senses
4. The spiritual aspects in how our spirits respond to them

You can see, in the graphic above, that these four quadrants are shaded and labelled. They go clockwise, from mind to heart, then body to spirit. You could just as easily begin with the heart of any Law, or the spirit of any Law, but for our purposes, we'll start with the intellectual. Because you are learning this over the Internet, and you are reading this information, it must first pass through your head. If you were sitting down, in a circle around these stones, you would be in more of a feeling and sensing mode. 

Each person has a tendency to rely more upon one of these quadrants. This becomes your default mode. Studying the Wisdom Wheel encourages us to move along, and enlarge our sense of possibilities, by considering all the quadrants, perspectives and powers of these Directions. This helps us get out of our ruts and into a more flexible way of being and doing.

Post your comments and questions as we go along.   

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