Saturday, March 10, 2012

Complete 2012-2013 Schedule for a Year on the Wheel

We will continue meeting on the first Thursday of each month. (See dates below.) 

April 5th meeting, Balance begins on 8th, Awareness 18th, Self 27th
May 3rd meeting, Right Relationship on 6th, Cause & Effect 16th, Process 26th
June 7th meeting, Faith on 5th, Love on 15th, Right Action on 25th
July 5th meeting Trust begins, Higher Purpose 15th, Integrity on 25th
August 2nd meeting, Beauty begins 4th, Eternal Present 14th, Initiation 24th 
September 7th meeting, Shadow on 3rd, Journey on 13th, Forgiveness on 23rd
October 4th meeting & Clarity begins, Choices 14th, Renewal on 24th 
November 1st meeting, Purification 3rd, Surrender 13th, Enlightenment 23rd
December 6th meeting, Creativity on 3rd, Courage 13th, Commitment on 23rd 
January 3rd 2013 meeting, Giving & Receiving on 2nd, Immortality on 12th & Ultimate Reality on 22nd
February 7th meeting, Pure Potential on 1st, Power on 11th & Compassion 21st
March 7th meeting, Cycles on 3rd, Sacred Oneness on 13th & Great Mystery 23rd
April 4th meeting wraps up another cycle. What will we start next?

Online ‘virtual’ meeting plans are in the works, and teleconference options are also being explored. Contribute your ideas. Offer to host an online event. Use Facebook & other social networking media to involve others who might benefit from joining us this year.

Many of you have been receiving one email per week during the last 3 year Cycle. This time you must subscribe to the blog  to receive the postings and to post to it. 

Instead of doing one Law per month, as in the past, we’ll cover three Laws per month, doing one Law every 10 days. You are strongly encouraged to share your personal experiences online as you apply these principles in your daily life.
We’ll collect your posts the end of this experimental year, to use in an e-book. Post news stories that catch your eye, or anything you see in work or family life where these Laws (or their absence) gives you new Awareness and insight. Let’s grow the wisdom of the Wheel beyond our circle.

Point it out where you see these Laws in action, especially in good ways. Together we can demonstrate how the use of better laws can better our lives, individually and collectively.

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